1. This quality and style of football have not been played in the premier league since. The greatest display of football in the premier league ever. Just amazing.

  2. I really miss highbury stadium and also jose antonio reyes…since the 1st time he came to arsenal i know he will be a great player..

  3. Man…that ground that atmosphere those players this makes me 🥺🥺 damn! I remember this match like it was yesterday. I hope we get back to that level one day!

  4. Just watch dennis whenever You can in this video .. its magic in touch and pass the vision to pass.. now every one talk about ozil in arsenal with due respect to him . after dennis arsenal never got a player like him yes we had fabregas ,cazorla ,rosicky ,ozil but no one was like the magician DENNIS BERGKAMP. One of the underated player in the marketing football world. Pure class.m pure genius ..pure football


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