1. Ainsley M-N is easily our best RB right now, that’s the one decision I don’t understand Arteta for. Brings in Bellerin while Ainsley was playing well, he gets one decisive goal and all of a sudden Ainsley gets 2 minutes of game time in 2 months. All the while Bellerin still looks like he’s lost half his pace and provides next to nothing offensively. I rate Arteta but he’s seriously starved this boy of his play time and I don’t like it. When the kid goes to a mid table team he will definitely get a move to a higher club after that. He has the ability and physicality for that position, and let’s not forget his performance in midfield against Man U, alongside the other cameos he’s made in the middle. He can play LB too, which shows his versatility.

  2. Please Robbie get Kenny Ken on in the future more, the guy is such a level headed intelligent Arsenal Fan. Proper old school no nonsense. That’s what I like about him

  3. They had no choice it’s not like they had donated a Million like Messi or Ronaldo that’s the least they could do in this crisis don’t see what all the praise is about

  4. With the number of strikers/forwards we have, how come we never try playing a 4-4-2 of some sort? I think it’d benefit laca/auba and nketiah/balogun

  5. The fact they pay a player, a shit player at that, 3xxk per week. Not really interested in fact they are liquid asset poor. You reap what you sow. Liquidate some assets if need be. 12.5% wage reduction is piss poor considering what Barcelona done weeks ago


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