• @Jeronimo 921 exactly you fool it’s like 300 comments and you think I’m going remember a idiot like who’s clueless stupid idiot

    • This is the first time I can says with full confidence that we are most likely to win trebles trophies this season since Neymar left Barcelona!!!

  1. I like araujo to replace pique this season he really good with physical and is fast for a tall defender, pedri and riqui puig did the best in second half, riqui should play alongside De Jong

  2. I finally got around to watching this second friendly.
    A lot of positives… many more than the negatives. Roberto seems to be ahead of Semedo for now. I don’t like Roberto as a fullback… hopefully with genuine width and better organization he has better support during defensive transitions and defending in general. Semedo was chopping onto his weaker foot and having shots… tells me he’s feeling confident. Having a winger ahead of him let’s support the attack and not be the primary threat. I expect us to see a much better version of him this season.
    Idk how Barca would be able to pull off Dest… I’d gladly accept him though, hopefully without having to sell Semedo.

    FdJ with a couple of loose passes… we got burned on one. This is the time to get all that out. This will ensure that he’s conscientious of his passing during the actual season. Busi was actually decent. Imo, he should only feature against teams that don’t high press and also lack the weapons or quality to hurt us on the counter.
    The second half double pivot of Alena and Puig was an interesting one. They showed a lot of dynamism. It certainly is a different way of going about that line.

    I’ve had some reservations about Trincao, Pedri stepping up. Over these two games (yes against modest opponents) they’ve shown they aren’t out of place while playing in a new squad and not fully adjusted. That tells me those boys have a lot to offer. Conrad seems really confident. Plays a simple game and seems to be very clear with what to do in various situations. Dembele is slowly shaking off the rust and rebuilding his confidence in his body. Saw some feints and chops… not much came of of them outside of a wild effort that he skied… however that was still good to see. Having experienced several traumatic injuries, being out so long he would be a bit off-kilter. Him staying fit is a victory for me, goal involvements are a bonus. Once he stays fit, those will come.
    Messi was Messi.
    Coutinho looked more driven… he was using spaces well, combining well and tracking back putting his more muscular frame to good use…

    I still want more from G7 and MB19 as our CFs. They each had their little flashes. Koeman has a lot to work with and build on.

  3. The headline news is that there’s no Riqui Puig, who’s reportedly been told his time is up at Barca, while Ansu Fati is back from injury and included.


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