1. These youngsters are not gonna reach the level of Ronaldo bc messi and Ronaldo were winning champions leagues at 18-23 and I don’t see mbappe winning a BIG trophy like the champions league in the next 1-2 years

  2. ppl here are so absent minded. yes english players are usually overrated but if u dont acc watch sancho dont talk shit sancho can go on to reach neymars level but messi ronaldo noone can be too sure yet

    • Am a Dortmund fan ,He is not even half of neymars level ,there are to many players with more ability than him in bvb alone. Brandt hakimi ,reyna

  3. Again this channel doing what it does best…. Posting absolute nonsense. Good god just imagine if mbappe was english… What a trash channel(dougie critchly specially)

  4. With that messi at age 20 comparison it still doesn’t cut it. For sancho to have overall better stats he would have to score 50+ times and assits 20+ times every season for 10 years. Not ot mention the year messi scored 79 goals and assits 21 times for just club.I just checked messi’s stats on Messivsronaldo.net and it shows everything. Those stats are a joke, I don’t think sancho would pull off something so other worldly, he’s not as talented as messi.

  5. Freakin hyping of English players… I remember Wilshere being predicted to become the new Xavi or something like that. Truth is that since Paul Scholes and Frank Lampard, England just have not had any world class players

  6. I was gonna mention that you guys were already suffering the effects of a prolonged quarantine time, but then I remembered you are english.

  7. I think both Messi and Ronaldo fans have come up with a collective response to this it’s “stfu” thank you for ur time🥱

  8. Narrator frowns upon the dribbling ability of older players whilst displaying a picture of though older, the best bundesliga dribbler in Marco Rues.


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