1. Moise Kean is so hopeless. His touches, controls everything is horrible for a Professional footballer.On the other hand, that Nkoukou and Gordon boys were far better.

  2. People calling Kean shite need to get a grip. He’s 20 years old. Playing up front on his own. His hold up play needs to be better yes but he’s better running at players. Calvert Lewin was written off by the majority of the fans me included of I’ll refrain from writing Kean off just yet. 1 game 1 goal. Look at it that way.

    • @Welcome to the Machine I half agree with you. I would like to see the boy do well and wish him well but he needs to step up. he had 866 Premiership mins last year ( whoscored ) and 2 goals and 2 assists. it is not a huge amount of time and yes he can’t be judged yet but he really does need to start doing it and soon. The premiership is a brutal testing ground and the club know that now with Ancellotti is the time to step up…Kean, like all of them, needs to really take a step forward but he reallly and truly needs to.


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