1. This was a season when we were deep in the title race, then lost at home to Coventry bloody City and threw it away. Man United actually won the league with only 75 points…

  2. Lost 2-1 at home to Coventry after being 1-0 up, two errors by David James, would’ve went top of the league with 5 games to go. Ultimately not good enough in key areas.

  3. The real mystery of England’s 98 world cup story was not Beckham’s red card but Le Saux or perhaps Darren Anderton was in selection priority at the expense of Mc Manaman.why??!

    • Because england switched their formation from the usual 4-4-2 (which would accomodate macca on the left wing) into 3-5-2 so the midfield were 2 fullbacks as wingers. If you asked why the change of formation? because gazza (who’s the 1st choice cm in 4-4-2) were a mess before the world cup with his alchohol abuse so ommited from the squad.

  4. Main problem was defence. Wrighty was good but Kvarme, Babb, Ruddock, Matteo and Scales weren’t exactly champions material CBs. Just another case of “missing one signing”.

  5. This was an excellent Liverpool team that should have won the Premier League. Instead Man Utd won it with the lowest ever points total. Very edgy in defense and lacked the consistency, losing to Coventry City at home was so costly. Dropped too many points at Anfield this season and had they accumulated the same number of points at Anfield as they had the season before, they would have won the league.

  6. LFC PL Scorers 96/97
    Robbie Fowler 18
    Stan Collymore 12
    Steve McManaman 7
    Patrik Berger 6
    John Barnes 4
    Jamie Redknapp 3
    Michael Thomas 3
    Stig Inge Bjornebye 2
    Phil Babb 1
    Neil Ruddock 1
    Jason McAteer 1
    Jamie Carragher 1
    Michael Owen 1


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