1. 70 million is to much for Barca if you add up all the stupid signings such as Martin braithwate and loan fees of KPB and the signing of Jason Murrilo and many more stupid signings they could of well afforded him

  2. Not only is the evidence of Sancho joining Utd weak as hell, like C’mon he just took a sip of water! He could’ve just been thirsty! That isn’t it though since Man Utd just got a fine of €800 Million imposed on them!

  3. Chelsea > Chelsea u23 > Sheffield Wednesday > Burton Albion > Southend united > Mansfield Town > Bromley > Darlington > Chippenham town > Coalville town >Tiverton > Hyde united > Horsham > >>>>>> ManU

    • Man. City UCL ban, does that mean if a club finishes 5th place and man city came 4th then the club which finished 5th place qualify for champions league football)

  4. It think sancho should go to bayern munich or just stay at dortmund. Joining a EPL team wouldn’t make any sense, they are all shit teams. Liverpool couldn’t beat la liga 6th placed atletico in 2 games. The prem just lacks talent and can’t play simple football, their tactics do nothing. Sancho should go to any league except EPL because EPL teams are trash.


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