1. The last time Manchester bought a defender from benfica was about 3 years ago. He’s now in his shittiest form of his life, same goes to the club that he’s in. What he portrayed during his reign at Benfica wasn’t reciprocated in the red side of Manchester. Hope this new lad from the same team wouldn’t disappoint the blue side of Manchester. 🙌🏼

  2. Why aren’t more of the big teams after him? Barça, PSG, United, etc. Even for City, he’s their third choice after Koulibaly and Koundé, why tf is everyone sleeping on this guy?

    • Cause he had a really high release clause that no club would pay. City just grabbed the opportunity real quick this summer when Benefica are forced to sell because of financial issues and no UCL

  3. Great signing for the present as well as the future. I really wanted a younger but experienced CB to partner Laporte for the next ten (10) years or so and Diaz is the perfect man for us. We welcome Díaz warmly and wish him a successful journey with Manchester City.

  4. The only issue I have is his pace.. he’s just like laporte in speed… For that reason alone, I would rather we had Kounde… He has that pace to get back and stop counterattacks… These two will be very vulnerable to counterattacks… Koulibaly or Kounde would have been perfect


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