1. Busquets was MOTM of this game, his positioning was out of this world and kept on breaking the lines with his passes

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    • @Ans Ali pep doesnt like egos,ibraihmovic said in his book that the barcelona players were like kids in the garden and that he couldnt believe it but that was the secret of guaridola barcelona sucess,the players did everything the manager wanted,i think liverpool players are the same with klopp or inter players with mourinho

    • @Juan Esteban Kruh Sanmguel I just wonder how Suarez would have fit in his system. Klopp or pep’s. it would have been treat to watch. He’s probably the most underrated striker in the world.

  3. English football was dominated by Spanish football that day. The old style of grit and heart,individual was destroyed by technique and team play that’s why. And in today pep revolutinesed how we see football no more long balls and counterattacks.

  4. If everyone was in their prime and mid 20s it would have been hard to say whod win, but in this match most united players were about to retire.

  5. i dont think there is lot of tactics….yaa its help of little bit of tactics but special becoz of gr8 players like iniesta,puyol,xavi,villa and mainly little magician messi

  6. Did you just call the scums “Reds”?!
    There is only one RED, and that’s the 6th times Champions of Europe LIVERPOOL FC!

  7. درس كروي بين المدربين المخضرمين المعلم سير أليكس فيرجسون وبيب غوارديولا.

  8. Forgot about this,so Pep beat Alex ( who was knighted because he was rated as such a great manager)Says how good Pep is.

  9. Тогда всё благодаря футболистам било решено, месси, хави, инеста, вилиа и вопшем тогда игроки барси били в пики свое форме ирархия месси, хави и инести решила игру не надо сдес обсуждат тренера если гвардиола такой тактичний сейчас неможет с ман сити лигу чемпионов даже в финал не добрался и сдес все скажут гвардиода хорош но играки не такого уровня тогда не можем сказат гвардиола тактичен у него данное время болшие возможности хозян клуба шайх если захочет даже роналду может в клуб привести но один роналдо без других 10 игроков всё равно ничего не сможет. Барси тогда игроки осен силни били

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  11. I’m no kidding I play fifa like these
    Not like Legendary barca tactic but a little bot of that like using a midfield helping Striker like Griezmann
    Because Messi is a winger now he’s not a ST but it’s really good
    This is the best analysis video

  12. How Pep Guardiola outplayed Sir Alex Ferguson?
    With a combination of genius manager, lion-hearted captain+legendary CB, one of the greatest RB of all time, genius DM , greatest midfielder duo of all time who can telepathically between the two of them, and greatest player of all time

  13. Barcelon outplayes Uinted in every way. that is why it is good to defend as a team. keeping hernandez and rooney up was not a good option against a team like barca that could counter press well. In conclusion the midfield overload won barca the match

  14. i hope that trio 7-10-17 back to barca… they work well with this combine… they still have messi (10), they just need 7(as the needle) and 17 (shadow)… 7 maybe griezmann and 17 maybe trincao… and barca also can use dembele/ansu for replacing trincao… the best way to use barca tiki-taka is not use natural forward… it’s obious. zlatan is the proof… he doesn’t work with this system… and now barca seems always try to find a spot for suarez and not make suarez to change his style.. it’s good and also it’s bad (the good thing is that barca have option to play with natural number 9. the bad thing is that barca slowly but surely depend on wether they have a number 9 or not in a match to make run and draw deffender.) and now barca always force some player to play as number 9 if suarez absent…

  15. barcelona passing and pressing in 2011 is unprecedented. No team could have win against them.
    In 2009, Sir alex lost and he learnt alot about barcelona. In 2011, Sir alex was prepared and knew what barcelona is going to do, so he instructed his team to keep pressing high up in the early game. But after 20-25mins of pressing, any team would have die out eventually. Just like any other team, Manutd would eventually returned to 11 men behind balls… and could only watch barcelona pass the ball around , attack again and again. This is what 2011 barcelona is about. You cant press them, you cant play 11-men behind ball. Either way, you gonna to lose eventually.

  16. So many dumb comments on here.
    Did you look at the two squads?
    Man United were like the Barcelona of this year who had most players around 30


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