1. Don’t see subtitles in your language? Click here to translate the video title/description and subtitles and you’ll be credited in the description: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?msg=9&ppub_lang=en-GB&ar=1600772015024&nv=1&v=Kfvk7_IdOQ0

  2. I am so happy for Ali (Alisson) because you can tell how much it means to him to save a penalty from Chelsea from Werner and keep a clean sheet record 🙂🙂

  3. meanwhile mane is the one who scored the 2 goals that gave us the win and not a single mention by jurgen klopp. yes thiago did great but he wasnt the one who won the game. if mane leaves.. i guarantee its because the club and fans take him for granted.

  4. Aku ckup mnyampah iklan OMI..mcm nak ajak ke arah lembah hina,zina..lg satu mamat yg konon2 hensem rambut mcm kurt cobain hidung kembang tu..mcm nak —–dang je rsa..–al btul!!!


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