1. Jose I blame you for not creating a team that the only goalscorers are Harry and Son . We didn’t kill off the game and paid the price .stop crying and get back to the training ground.

  2. bastard var, we in the team have to be more decisive in protesting if something like yesterday happened. remember we have 4 leaders who hold the armband of their respective countries

  3. He’s right, no one respects us. Every fan should be outraged at what happened yesterday and yet there are Arsenal and Chelsea fans laughing. Just you wait til it happens to you ffs!!

  4. So, all you need is to target one of the opponent defenders’ arms in the penalty area on 93 mins or something, am I right?

  5. All the fans complaining about VARS decision. Not anything to do with the fact that they had 27 shots on goal. Totally laughable using VAR as excuse because spurs couldnt win the game before the decision. Typical spurs fans make up excuses for dropping points!

  6. how can be penalty if he was turn back on ball he didnt see and even on top of that he was in fucking mid air ? dude that was pure sh**


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