1. Robbie I’ve been sending u so many videos on WhatsApp asking to give a chance to Asian fans cuz we got a whole gooner gang here. Come on check your WhatsApp. Look for msages from +82 …….

  2. Ozil’s game in the prem suited Sanchez well and ever since he left + emery’s poor treatment of ozil, both players have arguably never been the same since. Shame really

    • C’mon! He’s turning 32 for goodness sake.

      Let’s be real, he’s a businessman, a philanthropist and he’s just started a family. He’s setting himself up for life after football, he won’t be back to his best, he has no intention of getting back to his best I’m sure. It’d be best for both parties to move on.

  3. We need to sell ozil, mustafi, sokratis,luiz or holding, and buy a right defender to compete with bellerin, a world class cam havertz, buy upamecano and partey


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