1. As we discussed yesterday on MoreTalkFCB, Messi did NOT show for testing and now won’t train with the team… In which way do you see this situation ending guys?

    • @thapelo moloi that relationship between Barca and Messi was beneficial for both. Displaying that Barca was the only beneficiary is not fair. Messi won nothing with argentina but everything with Barcelona, and these Barca titles made it only possible for Messi to win 6 Ballon d’Or! Now leaving without communicating why is just respectless.

  2. You are full of shit man ….in last video you said Messi deserves to leave barca for free n now barca deserves a fee ?? i mean com on ….ya you might be a big barca fan but there are millions of other people who are barca fans because of Messi ….ya i agree club is bigger than the player ,but dont forgot Messi’s presence made barca the biggest club ever …. whereever messi goes true fans will follow …. Messi deserves a Greatest of tribute ever for what he has done for your stupid ass club …. and barca treats a legend like this? ….fuck barca…..Messi all the way

  3. Why doesn’t barca think of a loan move for Messi??! In which Messi can decide if he wants to stay away from barca or return. This can be done by offering a one year extension to his current deal. I know seems outrageous but give it a thought

  4. Now when the situation is at its worst for Barcelona, Messi is throwing his hands in the air and is more than happy to walk away for free. Looking at other players who were lauded as loyal men, the Argentine seems a rather fragile personality. Exampling one of several legendary figures, Alessandro del Piero stayed at Juventus even when they were relegated to the Serie B whilst most of the other first-team players made their way out.

  5. What a mess … sad to see Barca a dead club.
    I know Anfield killed their spirit … but this worse than anyone could imagine.

  6. From a neutral point of view, I think it’s either Messi leave for a fee this window, or he leaves for free in 2021. The best player in your history still in his prime years leaving for free is too ridiculous. Don’t think Barca can accept that, so they can fight off the case this year. Next year however if Messi stays he’ll surely activate the clause early this time.


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