1. I think Martinez is our number 1 atm, more commanding and more comfortable playing out of the back. Dont think we can have 2 top keepers who both want to start. We should capitalise and sell whoever we can get more for. 35 mil minimum for either one, reckon we can get more for Leno so sell him and keep Martinez

  2. Leno did nothing wrong before the injury to me Leno my number 1 like the other guy rightly say there is nothing wrong having two best goalkeepers in your team.

  3. i hope the manager doesn’t have amnesia as some of our fans dose. one mistake from martinez all of those fans who are running their mouth about martinez being the best will start blaming the coach for dropping Leno. Leno possess one attribute that i like. he get up so quickly from the ground after he made a save i can’t forget his double save against Tottenham. martinez his just been there for 10 games or so all of a sudden we have forgotten about Leno 50 +games.


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