1. Hello Arsenal..
    Hope everyone is fine & is feeling spirited.
    Its a Very tough time.
    Life without football is Misery.
    Total pain.
    Can’t live without Arsenal.😐

    Anyways, I’ve got a suggestion.
    Because I notice that ‘If’ the league was to resume, there is gonna be a issue of “Who is Fitter”…😕
    Games will be decided on which club kept it serious during the pandemic’ …
    & Which player remained committed.

    So then, my suggestion to the Arsenal is a Conferenced Video Aerobic Session in the mornings.
    & Virtual Training sessions on ball work.
    Juggling, Controlling, heading, etc.

    Form a Group on Zoom, & every player tunes in via video link.

    Coach can still see everyone.

    So, it keeps a sort of unity & sharpness going

  2. Shoutout to whoever it is interviewing Arteta. Clear, concise questions without rambling and taking over the interview.

  3. Now I see why he’s so good with player interaction! He read psychology books… My Coach is a genius! 👌🏻😃

  4. The way he talks about his philosophy for the club is very impressive. Arsenal needs to stick with Arteta. He is the real deal.

  5. I’d like to know what is happening with abua and lacca why is this not being addressed give abua the wages we gave ozil

  6. This interview made me feel very nervous for Arteta😬. It felt like a manager asking his employee to tell him exactly what he has been doing at home

  7. I need to be scouted please🙏🏼…it’s my dream to play for arsenal..something that I have always wished for…🥺🥺🙏🏼🙏🏼😩


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