Celtic Park is one of the best stadiums in world football, with the atmosphere being among the elite. However there are certain ways in which we could still improve the stadium. Here’s what I would do if I was Peter Lawwell…


    This is probably one of the biggest and most obvious changes that needs to be made. Celtic Park’s current official capacity is 60,411. This season Celtic reported that they swiftly sold out their 55,000 season ticket allocation, however despite these incredible numbers, they also reported that there is a 17,000 fans still on the waiting list!

    Now according to Celtic’s website they say “Secure your place for the 2020/21 season now with Adult Season Tickets priced from £510”. So let’s say for arguments sake those 17,000 ST’s are sold at £510 each (some cheaper – children, some more expensive depending on location of seat). If we sold those 17,000 ST’s at £510 each that works out at a staggering £8.67 Million! That would pay for the improvements in one season surely! Two max.

    Celtic Park’s capacity should be upgraded to 80/85,000! The additional Season Ticket revenue would be insane and if we have one of the best atmosphere’s in world football at 60,000 fans, imagine our atmosphere at 85,000!


    Celtic in 2016 revolutionised Celtic Park when they added a rail-seating section with a capacity of 3,000. It’s been phenomenal. It’s fair to say that at some smaller home matches the atmosphere can be somewhat flat and far from what you imagine Celtic Park to be. Rail-seating however has majorly boosted that with the allocation being sold-out and yet another waiting list being formed.

    We should extend this rail-seating to however much is realistically possible. I know from a personal perspective I much prefer standing at football matches and it is a very popular option among the fans so would have no trouble selling out! The dream would be to take inspiration from Borussia Dortmund and their Signal Iduna Park with their famous ‘Yellow Wall’. I understand this is probably slightly unrealistic, certainly for the time being, however it certainly is possible to increase the rail-seating capacity as it has already been discussed at the club!


    A team’s changing room for me should be the staple of their stadium. It’s where the players will spend so much time both before, during and after games. When I first saw the Celtic home dressing room I was left severely disappointed. It’s just an ordinary changing that you’d find in a public high school with some old wooden benches. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t that!

    My favourite dressing room, and the one I would like us to emulate, is that of Atlético Madrid in the spectacular new ‘Wanda Metropolitano’ Stadium. If you haven’t already seen it, quickly Google it now. It’s a more spacious, luxurious, modernised hub that you would expect for a top professional football team. It’s got slightly dimmed lighting (almost like a cinema) but it is illuminated in Atlético’s colours. There is a massive illuminated Atlético badge in the middle of the ceiling, with an LED-ring going round it. The seats look like luxurious leather chairs (a far cry from our cupboard with old scabby benches) and each player has an illuminated board above their station with a picture of them in their home kit and their number on it. It looks incredible. (Porto’s changing rooms also look similarly modernised and amazing, check them out too!)

    I’m not sure how far a modernised, luxurious changing room would go in terms of attracting higher-end players, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt! Not only that but is would just raise the profile of the stadium in general and make it more of the grand spectacle that Celtic Park should be! The best part is that it wouldn’t even cost that much! I’m sure for a few hundred thousand you could EASILY completely revamp our changing rooms into a far more grand occasion. I mean c’mon. You would never walk into the LA Lakers changing room or the Dallas Cowboys and find a tiny cupboard with some dated-looking benches as their changing room, would you?


    The three previous suggestions are facts. They would make Celtic Park a more attractive stadium. This one however is possibly slightly more of an opinion. We go back to Germany again for the inspiration, but this time to Borussia Mönchengladbach.

    Going back to 2016 when we were drawn against the German outfit in the group stages of the Champions League, one of the things which stood out to me was their stadium. It was excellent. The main thing which caught my eye however was the green under-glow which they had installed underneath the roof of the stadium. It looked brilliant and gave the stadium a real modern vibe about it. I seem to recall lots of other Celtic fans saying the same thing!

    The reason I saw this is more of a personal opinion/taste though is that some people may feel that adding too much green to the stadium may seem almost tacky. This is obviously a feature in which we would only really see at night time but I understand that Celtic Park at night is almost perfect, with the black-out crowd and the torches on the phones lighting the stadium up is wonderful. Would the green under-glow ruin this? Possibly.


    They look cool and it would practically be free. No more needs said.


    This isn’t something that is directly upgrading the stadium, but more taking advantage of its beauty. For me, Celtic Park at night is the most beautiful stadium in the world. From the ‘Celtic Way’ being lit up with the team buses arriving down it, to the outside of the stadium being lit-up in green, to the world-renowned atmosphere inside. The cold Glaswegian air making it even more special for me.

    Sadly however we only ever get to take advantage of this in Europe. League games are never scheduled for say 7:45 on a Saturday night. Maybe 5:30 during the winter when it gets dark earlier. I’m aware this is probably because travel arrangements may be slightly more awkward for travelling fans, but with the Celtic hotel hopefully getting constructed in the near future, that would make staying overnight easier. A night time kick off would just make for a far more special atmosphere, enhancing the sometimes flat games against smaller league opposition. Just a suggestion though!

    • Wee Chill I remember watching that game on TV! What an atmosphere it would have been! One day I will get to see a European game at Celtic Park!

    • Laura that’s for now though. We will get stadiums full again EVENTUALLY. When that time does come then we should look at making these improvements

  2. pish poo game no matter the result – so boring i actually talk 2 the missues during it – why is frimpong on the bench – why are 2 strikers on the bench why buy players that dont get a game – lenny needs to go

    • PURE GAMING DNA Agree with the majority of that… but to insinuate someone is less of a supporter of Celtic because they don’t live or are originally from Glasgow is wrong mate😂

    • ​@PURE GAMING DNA Try telling that to the Irish fans who come from Belfast Derry etc every week well before Covid but i agree Lennon has done good with us and some fans need to remember what he has won with us

  3. I don’t see why everyone hates Neil now all he done is fucked one game up against that team on Wednesday and not started a striker even tho they weren’t fit he will take us to ten in a row and the group stages I. Europa

  4. Celtic tv are like Pravda ; they will not criticise or ask awkward questions . My question to Callum McGregor would be , are you happy at Celtic and will you be here for the rest of the season , and are you and all the other players behind the manager . It would be interesting to hear his reply .

    • His reply would be pretty much browns response to a similar batch of questions, yes he’s happy, yes he’ll be here and yes the teams behind the manager… This season is one of the most important in our history and could seal another decade of dominance, we need to be together now more than ever

  5. As well as the bhoys played, first half it was very obvious we never had a striker on, nobody seeing that wee pocket of space in the box, we looked much more like ourselves after polish paddy came on. Let’s get the two strikers on from the start now and finish games off sooner

  6. It’s a good win today it was important to put thing right from the weekend and I think we done that……………..nope no you didn’t not by a fuckin long chalk.


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