1. Too many tims on here talking like huns ! get it together ffs ! We are Celtic… aye have an opinion but lets no hang out our dirty laundry in public…. leave that to the huns. Cmon Bhoys we need to be together through thick n thin…especially this season 🍀🍀 Be angry….annoyed….frustrated…livid….whatever but do not give any hun or anyone else the pleasure of seeing us pissed off ! Here we go 10 in a row…. we are ALL in this
    … lets start fucken acting like it n get behind our team 🍀🍀🍀

  2. Lenny made mistakes in the qualifier but had ever right to go after a couple players. Great response from Celtic and amazing to see what it meant to James Forrest getting back on the scoresheet. Ballsy performance from my team and that’s what we expect week in week out. Well done team 👊🏼💚

  3. I don’t care about Scottish league wins. If we are good enough to make it to Champions league group stages then I will become a huge fan


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