1. Still trying to figure out after all these years how Gary Mac did that. 20 other players on the pitch and not a single one of them thought it would be anything but a deep floater into the box.
    But Gary had other plans.

    • I’m no expert and I know some fields are longer and some are wider than others, but he looks about 40 yards out. I’d have to hit a ball twice to get it that far!

    • he kept waving them to go further back and it drew the keeper out towards them – totally deliberate and the best free kick you ever see

  2. Bill Shankly : The city of Liverpool has two major teams. One is Liverpool and the other is Liverpool’s backups.

  3. i remember this like yesterday, was a Monday night game watching it on 14 inch TV in Addis Ababa, Ethiopa, how time flies great memory tho. YNWA!!

  4. I remember watching this with my mate and my dad who are both utd fans, my Dad was screaming at the TV cause of the 8 or so yards extra McAllister took for the freekick 🤣🤣


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