1. mou cố lên,với niềm tin của tôi ông là nhà vô địch của tất cả các nhà vô địch.Tôi tin ông vì tất cả

  2. What a win for us today Kane and ndombele last minute winner today and what two good signings we will do tommeow bale on loan and reguillon

  3. I really want to see one day Tottenham versus Ludogorets. I really want to watch how Ludogorets f*ck’s your team 🙂 With big love my brothers 🙂

  4. You know what, Bale is getting weighed in big time, AGAIN, this season.Whoever the fuck is paying, whatever the fuck…how about, next season he says…’I am a man,rich beyond measure…Tottenham (my team, ‘apparently ‘)saved me from meandering to a stop..I will take , either a large drop in money( even though, everyone knows, image rights etc…these fuckers never stop earning), or send a large portion the way of a charity(if he does already, a salute)..But it shouldn’t be beyond the wit of the man to show some class…of course, he may well be thinking/doing all this already, in which case, I back down, and commend, him…UP THE SPURS!

  5. Listen, football is war…nothing else..shaking hands, cuddling in the tunnels, before games..WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ALL ABOUT!!! the feminisation of this country, is almost complete.Football, in my day ,of playing, was no quarter asked, or given.Score a goal..nothing to see ..back to the half way line, no cuddling..go again..no mercy..this game is just a passion play, now..throw in the plandemic, and what we got. .an unwatchable pile of shite, played by numb- skulls ,who don’t know if they should be on their knees, or their heads..oh, and by the way……………..up the spurs…😷


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