1. As usual please sign telles just 20mil!!! Next a centre back, ring winger and striker!!!!! If not glazer out woodward out and the rest board of director out also! Thank you

    • @Epic Gamer Chelsea’s owner roman abramovic is not in UK bro.
      Chelsea completed 7 transfers so far.
      Hopefully like you said ole stood up.

    • Akhil Vijay yaa ole did stand up he said in a conference we r working on transfers normally ed and the glazers dont approach players in the managers 2nd season at OT

  2. Sack ole he literally doesn’t know what he’s doing the only thing he’s got going for him is that he is a Man Utd legend

  3. If Ole doesn’t win today then he’s got to go. We have the players to be beating teams like Brighton and Palace. But first.. Glazers out 🔰 woodward out 🔰


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