1. Jovic has been a complete flop. People like Van Straaten spam their dumb “buy bundesliga and eredivisie methodology” when those trash leagues only produce flops like de ligt de jong and jovic

  2. Englishman: “I’d say ferran torres is 2 years behind sancho in development”
    Ya dont say. It’s quite disgusting how you guys pour water on a guy in a real league. Bundesliga gave us that flop Luka Jovic. Sancho is probably a flop unlike Ferran Torres probably

  3. Van Straaten: “if you got Sancho Martial and Rashford who cares about the rest”

    That’s the dumb methodology why Netherlands are a joke and cant even qualify to the world cup

  4. Real should make jovic rodrygo and vinicius work. Buy mbappe after selling hazard and have on of the best frontlines for a decade

  5. When I clicked on this I really hoped Douggie wont be part of this. Can’t stand his posh ass. He is the reason I can’t subrcibe to this channel. Bye

  6. 2009: “Real Madrid have signed 25 year old Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United for a reported fee of 100 million euros “
    2020: “Real Madrid have signed 33 year old Lionel Messi from Fc Barcelona after he requested to leave on a free transfer “

  7. Pato (sunday vibes) – fabinho has been dead average this season and is overrated

    In this – N’Dombele has been fantastic
    Come on man….

  8. James, Jovic and a Rodrygo 2 year loan deal would be promising to attract Haaland and Sancho

  9. respect for you guys, plenty of decent views as usual. just annoyed with everyone keep repeating “I don’t know” across the board, in this and in every review… just own up to your opinions (eg. “this is what l think…”), speculation aside, a good chunk of it makes sense, is probably correct and more dynamic than most.

  10. Real Madrid should integrate Jovic slowly and try and add depth replace the old guard with fresh faces


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