1. This was the game everyone was saying that Liverpool would certain lose given the hot red form Leicester was in and also Liverpool players would be out of gas after the travelling from club World Cup. But klopp and the co came with a different plan. This is the game Liverpool play with such confident in possession and Leicester players just couldn’t get the ball from the Liverpool players. This is certainly Liverpool’s game of the season

  2. Is it mad to say Trent Alexander Arnold is the best right back in the world? Because I certainly think he is.

  3. with the opening goal in this match by Firmino that was his 3rd away goal in successive games, but as a total of 4 away goals not bad in the short space of time he and the lads had with the long haul travelling thrown in to the mix, these lads showed no sort tiredness from their travels and the games they played in hot weather and being taken to extra time in the final to add in to the mix, if anything Leicester were made to look tired and a sunday league side

  4. I would love to know what TAA’s speed was running to keep up with the attack and score from the pass as Mane was slightly ahead of TAA and Mane is also quick with the ball, and TAA soon got ahead of Mane to receive the pass and take the first time shot on goal and gave the keeper and the Leicester defence no chance at all brilliant game under the circumstances, as the pressure was on Liverpool more than any other team in the top 4, and city was actually hoping and praying that Leicester would stop them, and they also thought including Leicester than being away in Qatar and playing extra 30 mins 4 days earlier coupled with the long distance travel that it all would take its toll on Liverpool, and to be honest it only caught up with Liverpool after the winter break as thats when our form started dipping, as we were on fire before the winter break, the winter break did us more harm than good and I bet Jurgen started to think that

  5. I can’t remember last time I was truly happy before Covid-19 came along and spoiled everything but this day goes down as one of the happiest of my life as a Reds fan 😀 ♥

  6. I saw Salah is bit too selfish in this game. I think Mane may had made a goal if Salah would give a pass to where Mane was in absolutely good position to make a goal.

  7. Man United aims to break a record interms of transfer value by splashing 513millions pounds on Trent but will tell them he is not for sell and he is a bloody Scouser and who is this lad United bought and he is a penalty master and count from me next year he wanna be a flop and I also tell United don’t be optimistic to win titles under solsher who manages United and this time round he occupied position 3 by luck and the penalty master saved u and obvious it was Rodgers looming win if not that penalty


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