1. Won’t these clubs still go bust even if the season is voided as they won’t get prize money for 19/20 season and next season will start behind closed doors? meaning no gate money? The excuse to void this season to save these clubs makes no sense.

  2. “Bundesliga, which got back into training I believe.”
    I know that I shouldn’t demand journalism but ya think this might be of interest to football fans? Nah… just keep on doing the same sh…. And make sure to curate your news like BBC/CNN w/more cute stories fluff, nothing too serious so as not to traumatize snowfans. Crayons will be available too.

  3. Just have 22 prem teams for one season (Leeds and West brom automatically promoted) and relagate 5 teams in the following season rather than relegating teams unfairly this season.

  4. Yes please, we’re PL fans but mostly football fans in general 🙂 So if you get the chance to do a similar one with Europe it’ll be great. Thanks

  5. since the Scottish lower leagues have voted to finish the season – rather than void it – I wonder if the EFL will look at doing something similar. If the season is voided will the EFL be handing out prize money? because if that’s not the case the clubs will be screwed if they can’t afford to go on now

  6. Sure, no reason mentioning Spurs turning their stadium into a testing grounds NHS workers. Let’s insted only mention bad news and bad angles on Spurs. Thanks for the agenda against us!

  7. If a World Cup can be played in Winter to suit some country that shouldn’t have got it then why can’t the season be changed. We are going to have to do this in 2 years anyway – in fact most European countries will. Start next season later such as in October – November and that leaves plenty of time where things will hopefully at least allow the remaining fixtures to be played behind closed doors.

  8. Voiding the season will not help clubs. They need there TV money, sponsorship money, and gate money to stay afloat. None of which will happen if they void it.

  9. For me the most important part of this show is not the content, it is Joe! It’s his show so pls no more Zac here, thank you!
    I like Zac but this is Joe’s Show

  10. What a stupid topic. If its voided then no price money hence the top pyramid clubs won’t even think about helping clubs at the bottom leagues as they been hit hard aswell


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