1. I still don’t know why Ole is still coaching Man United. He is tactically poor and can’t compete against top champions league teams.

  2. Man United needs change in the coaching department (We need a top tactical coach like Pochettinoor Allegri) and top players to increase competition in all positions. (E.g De Gea & Henderson). Rashford should compete with James, sancho with Greenwood, Martial needs competition, midfield is blessed already but d coach is scared to switch and lacks tactics, Bissaka with Williams & Dalot, Shaw with Telles, pair Maguire with Bailey…Victor lindelof, Mensah, Tuanzebe, and co should fight for places. Is it so difficult????

  3. I feel Bruno will be the type that will come up to you just to check if everything is alright tryin to keep things cool at the same time. he’ll also sprint to you and give the stick when you perform reasonably poor. Leader attributes. No disrespect to Maguire but Bruno needs the armband. Cheers 😄

  4. Bruno has been worth every penny …. he was 47 million he got us in the champions league that got us 80 million so really he was free and got us spare cash to put towards buying sancho 😉🤣🤣


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