1. Great content as always! You should probably create a method of preventing you from mixing up players at times
    Although minor it’s probably the only thing wrong with your vids!

  2. Ase get lucky and walk away with a cup that no one wants, this is a game that liverpool didn’t want, coming from a celebration and preseason training, we won’t be going until the training saturate in the body.

    • 😁😁😁😁 you are too salty….my friend Arsenal line up that faced liverpool trained only two days except david luiz who trained one day and the next day faced liverpool….again that line up was mostly youth and reserve players……lets be honest and admit man…arteta tactics worked perfectly against wolves…city…chelsea and liverpool 2× . If you dont take it serious what arteta is doing then im sure you will going to admit your mistake in the near future.


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