1. Our squad is full of kids. 0 leadership +rookie tactics from ole. I’m calling it now, as soon as Lampard gets the sack, ole better follow up next day. Can’t wait until we play good teams in the prem and the CL and watch how clueless and far away this team is from competing let alone winning big trophies

  2. Forget about signing any players – we need a better first-team manager/coach or whatever they call them these days, OGS is completely out of his depth. You can sign anyone in the world – this team will still not be better. They might win a few more games due to the quality but will not challenge for a title or a cup. United will finish outside of the top 6 this season.

  3. Most these guys are going about character and fightback as if the team kept at it after trying to win after the 2-2 score. It was a couple of mins n that too after acting as if the world ended (check the reactions of out CBs) when Brighton equalized. Its all well n good to see positives but lets not twist things. U cannot claim character and fighting spirit when there was none throughout most of the game.


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