1. Hey guys really sorry about Pat’s flashing rave lights for the couple of minutes around 24 mins… that’s an export error that wasn’t spotted! Hope it doesn’t ruin the episode for you all!

    Have a class weekend!

  2. James Rodriguez to Newcastle? mainly because they now have an absolute truckload of money with the new owners. The new owner has said that he wants to take take Newcastle back to the top of football. decent shout tbh

  3. Dries Mertens and Mario Gotze both free agents come the end of the year. Also maybe not a bargain but im surprised Upamacano didnt get a mention considering his reduced clause gonna be alot of competition there.

  4. Wrote earlier. Maybe United should go for Tonali and make a poor mans Juve midfield with Bruno(Pogba) – Tonali(Pirlo) – McTominay(Vidal)

  5. Surely Cavani has only been the centre piece for PSG for what 1-2 years max? He didn’t get a lot of time between Zlatan and Neymar+Mbappe.

  6. Manchester United should go for James.We need a left footed attacker who can play on the right side and he’s an upgrade on every left footed attacker now at the club.

  7. James to Everton- what an upgrade that would be on Sigurdson (sorry can’t spell his name) and Everton are usually willing to spend a lot of money

  8. James would probably fit even Dortmund or Chelsea but I might like to see him in Atletico Madrid. Anyway, they need some creativity in more attacking half of the pitch which they are lacking now. I just don’t know how it works due to Madrid rivalry but Marcos Llorente made the switch

  9. I could see Tonali doing well even in some top sides in Portugal. Porto, Benfica, up to the point even Sporting. They all play Champions league or Europa league, they all have decent youth systems, and even some money (e.g. Benfica after selling Joao Felix). Two seasons in Portugal learning a little different footballing philosophy and benefitting from that and at some point he might be good enough for top sides of Europe such as Dortmund, PSG or even Barca unless he wants to return to Italy. Sevilla might also be a good fit

  10. Opinion: James Rodriguez will be an amazing replacement for Mesut Ozil at Arsenal. Don’t get me wrong, Ozil is still a phenomenal player, but Arsenal obviously need someone with a much higher work rate and energy to fit in Arteta’s plans. You could say that you’re replacing a luxury player with another one, but James is more committed to defensive work, and the midfield in Arsenal needs to improve their defensive work rate, so this move also makes sense. Only problem is Arsenal might not even qualify for Europa League so it remains to be seen if they can generate enough money for the transfer to happen, but if they have the interest in him, he will be left with little choice to join Arsenal as they would be the next bug club offering him a contract, and he will definitely get more minutes there.

  11. Wages in Italy for foreigners are cheaper bcs of a tax law, which is why James could earn the same at Napoli as at Everton.

  12. #statwars
    Who Am I?
    3 pt: i have played with maradona messi buffon obafemi martins nesta beckham terry mancini
    2 pt: i have won serie a copa libertadores and premier league
    3: i am an argentinian and i have played for inter man utd sampdoria chelsea

  13. Are you guys planning to do stat wars during the lock down because I’m really missing it and it would really brighten up peoples days. It would be really entertaining to see you guys do it live or recorded 🙂

  14. Finally they talk about the big Canadian stars and you forgot about the 2 two in Liverpool and in Barcelona’s squad


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