1. Our Stevie aint half aged since he took over as Gaffer, no winning anything and Celtic winning everything is ageing him tremendously

  2. Bunch of Englishmen smashing Scottish football. Gerrard even referred to Scotland as “up there at the moment” the league that he works in, that pays his wages. “up there”….

  3. Of course steve wants it cancelled he’s 10 points behind bitch move.
    When Karen Brady said it she got slaughtered 🤦‍♂️.

  4. Ye gerrard as if anyone agrees on your point of view. Sevco a new club trophies won 0 (zero).
    A vote was given.
    Just give up only 3 clubs voted against.
    You are trying to flog a well fkd deed horse…

  5. Is sevco clean I mean look what rangers wer doing for years and ended up in the position they wer in. With sevco it’s all about the money.

  6. And another thing. Rangers DIED 8 years ago. What is it people don’t understand about this, are you all thick? Answer= Nope the media have brainwashed you into thinking they’re still the same cheating corrupt club they always were.


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