1. jesse Lingard has been a good servant to the club. He is everyone’s whipping boy but Perriera, Jones, Dallot, Rojo have been way worse for us in last 2 seasons.

    • At least with Lingard we know he has a higher level that he can play at. He hasn’t played on that level for like two years however, but he might reach it again. If we sell him, we could potentialy get what he is worth and wouldn’t need to lower the price a lot.
      Pereira has never been pulling up trees as far as I know. He has only been someone that have shown a lot of potential, but never really lived up to that potential even though he has been given ample opportunities. Maybe we need to sell him on a discount compared to the level he could potentialy live up to.
      Jones have been on a steady decline for quite a few years, and I have a hard time seeing how he could be of any use. But he has a big salary and will be difficult to sell off because of it.
      Rojo also haven’t really lived up to whatever expectations we might have had on him. The only positiv about him at the moment, is that he is left footed. He is also going to be difficult to sell because of high wages.
      Dalot is a tricky one. He hasn’t really been given a whole lot of chances I think. Granted that he hasn’t looked great when he has played, but I can’t say that he isn’t good enough to be a starter for United in a year or two. I just don’t know. But Ole seems to really hate him, so maybe his attitude stinks, or something. I don’t mind selling him, since we obviously never really us him, but I think we wouldn’t get a good price for him since he never plays.
      Also it’s crazy that we can’t seem to sell Smalling. He should be the easiest to offload after his season at Roma.
      Mata should also be possible to get a few bucks for. He has been great for the club, but I can’t see much use for him anymore aside for maybe having experience in the squad.
      The fact that we managed to get Sanchez out the door was fantastic, but I would have thought that most of the players above here would be easier sells than Sanchez.

      So we might need to sell Lingard anyway if we need to free up some squad-places, just because the other deadwood are either on too high wages or “undervalued” in the market.
      In a perfect world I would sell Jones, Rojo, Smalling and put Pereira and Dalot out on load, to get their value up a little bit, and then sell them next year, or bring them back if they turn the corner and show that they can be United-players.

  2. What a nice change of scenery! Hopefully we will see more of these wonderful ladies!
    Hope your son is doing okay!
    Thanks Stretford Paddock for bringing quality content to our mobiles

  3. Really refreshing having a woman’s perspective love a football educated female. Maybe gets some of the United ladies team in for interviews as well be interesting to see how different the club is run from the woman’s team perspective. Keep up the good work everyone on the paddock 👍


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