1. 🔥Vamos! Excelente🔥 Before a big match or now when I training at home, I always watch GOL movie on the youtube and then put on playlist the rock band Delta Parole for warmup and then GO GO GOOOLLL!!!!!

  2. The Spring presents flowers to women, and God gives spring to humanity! The poetic Hymen from the spring season unfolds, unravel, opening the miraculous glossary of pages, significantly splendid and masterful! The spring rainbow colors germinates and blooms exuberantly crowned with diadems of musical chords sung by birds, the sunshine,and the stars brightness! The complex geometry Flower has the rhomboid root of inspired verses! The star fisherman is standing in the sandbank, staring at the heaven and the line of his reel is the horizon on the map of the world nations ! Everything makes sense when the heart measures the eyes and the eyes measure the heart! The synderesis of the poetry verses opens jurisprudence, in the paragraphs of the literary stanzas! The witch with the face of Snow White has sentimental caricatures, and reprobate behavior in his soul; and Endrômina, his partner, wear the mask of the estelionatarium swindler! The watchman of the paper tower is moving in a straight line horizontally, and vertically by the number of unoccupied squares, until it reaches the end of the chessboard! The watchman on the paper tower is in an occupation position! In shining reluctance, the muscular words rower , crosses the narrow and deep bed of the watercourse of the river of life, holding firmly the powerful hand of inspiration, rowing against the stream and against all odds, in the thunderous and currents atrocious of thoughts! The porcelain-colored panther ring is a delight to the eye and a mushy irreverence for the idyllic verses of the heart! The Time shatters all our arguments! Whoever is on the stage of the soul illusionist, fallacious faulty and the bored of understanding, the pedantic, stunned, astonished and perplexed literary aristocrat! The Time disarms the trigger from the precipitated thoughts of the heart! The Time disarms the trigger of the troubled heart thoughts ! The Time is adept and expertat making perituro! The Time is an invisible and indomitable steed, the uninterrupted proportion measured by numbers! The shadow of the soul hides the monsters manufactured by the heart thoughts ! The law of the talion is a syntax of the old nature of the heart! The Man of Poetry is a soldier of the future prologue fighting between the imagination lines of hearts and the muddy souls renches! The carpenter measured the time zones, in the chisel of time! The Money buys all illusions, but does not buy the paradise conviction ! The flattened thinking within the levels of the pyramid silences the truth of reason! Flls the head with the oracles lights of the sunrise verses and twilight sunsets, and tear the leaflet, of the utopian oracles of the fabulous chemical lights! Dalillah dressed in gold and adorned with diamonds overshadows the sun and stars in the eyes of men and women, and when she speaks the wind reverberates her words! The Woman on the culinary menu are sturgeon eggs seasoned with Cambarim, in the days of high voltage, of the female twilight body tensions! When the canyons arrive, drive in the line of innocence, of the children’s eyes! A secret is kept as the gualdrapa is kept under the saddle! Just as the spider enters the dome of the palace, so arrogance enters the dome of the heart! God illustrates nature with unspeakable beauties! The desire to cut all ties with the world is a step towards fanaticism! The dew and the poetry fog condenses the verses, often in small drops of literary diamonds! The Hermit Solomomgurupundit meditates on the wise words written in the heart of forgiveness! The moon of the spring love first, stopped at front of the gate of my house, whispered and confided loving secrets, in my heart! The Love is a conjugated verb at all times of the heart! The passenger black cat and passerby of the loneliness of the night, plays on the sumptuous geometric roofs the tic-tac-toe game, on the electronic web with the clandestine midnight cat! The Man of Words is doing calculations with wands poems verse , measuring the size of the cushions; it is rabdology, the way of being of the indiscreet eyes! The wick of a thought of disbelief is the fuse for a cataclysm of skepticism and nihilism in the soul! What it is lighter than a feather, the fickle mood and the volatility of mood swings! The violent algidity of vanity freezes feelings, and removes the perception of reason! The idyllic and lyrical Romanticism of the awakening and sensual revival of man and woman is a verses love letter , properly kept within the yellow topaz of the alcove! The autumnal equinox season represents and emphasizes the eagle change in nature, in the soul and in life, described in the visual, of the lyricism of the yellow leaves, published by the movement of the trees! The sun accentuates the gray tone of light! The spring symphony renews the green constitution of nature, and meditates and philosophers in magnificent colors! is! The rain makes hearts sprout without flowers! Who caught the carpenter’s tears when no one believed him? The violent algidity of vanity freezes feelings and removes the perception of reason! In the rotation of thoughts life rotates, in the carousel of the heart reason runs fast! The wise Sabiá thrush is whistling salty satires in the hilariousbuff-opera of the cosmopolitan theatrical stage! The spectacular optical garden, in the northern magnetic field, with electronic energetic colors, at the latitudinal poles of the atmospheric limits, is born the stupendous and stunning boreal Rose, with petals of solar storm, whose essence comes from the sun heart , coloring poetic lights, the glacial painting of nocturnal shades,the crystal clear waters mirror the ineffable beauty of the Heaven! The red stars of the afterglow, in the wonderful light, sing happily, the for freedom struggle in heavenly [email protected]@@zzz


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