1. We never really replaced Sami Hyypia until we signed VvD. Hugely underrated outside of our club. One of Rafa’s most reliable players during his time as boss.

  2. Benitez was the perfect coach for them before Klopp l don’t know why they sacked him,it’s a lack of patience from club owners

  3. if only rafa had the backing like arsenal or manc ( didnt even have to be like city or chelsea),
    we would have dominated England & Europe for decades.

    he even had the likes of agueros scouted b4 their respective moves.. how many times did we back off of a deal because of mere 2 million differences of transfer fees
    really hopeful the football genius will be back for a big clubs with proper owner

  4. I Love Rafa Benitez, I thought it was unfair the way, they let him go. Fortunately, LFC fans have a lot of respect for Rafa Benitez

  5. 1sthaft of the Istanbul’s night for me was like “Let’s make the history together as to the most conceded goals in the final round. This is my first final round in my life.”.

    I’m Thai and it was 03.00 a.m. at that moment, and I had classes waiting tomorrow. …….

    Then, 2nd half became one of the greatest moments in my life.

    FYI, I didn’t sleep that night and was awake all day long. ZZZzzzZZZZ

  6. My god the 2005 semi v Chelsea just highlights how good the UCL was on ITV, goosebumps with Clive Tyldesley’s commentary

  7. Rafa wasn’t lucky to work under Tom Gillette, Rafa would have won league for us only if those guys were half of our current principals. With the little you had Rafa you made a warrior out of it. Thank you so much, Wish you and Klopp could work together that’s to show you how much I respect you. YNWA


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