1. The most rediculous analysis of messi is fans claiming he will be kicked in England lol you lot need to watch more football the man has had broken noses, double tackle sandwich of pepe and ramos i don’t think premier league could do more harm and sorry to say this but premier league is overrated! MESSI would kill it in the prem even at 33! Hleb, Coutinho, Robben, Hazrad were all great in the premier league but we all know what happened when they moved to La Liga so these statements of would he do it in prem should stop! Messi has literally destroyed Englands very best Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, City etc so who’s going to stop him? Palace or Newcastle hahaha people can fool themselves…

  2. I think the reason we work on one deal at a time is cause we have a rigid transfer budget. So if we buy player x for £40m and the budget is £140m then until we sell a player for £20m then there’s no Sancho type transfer.

    It’s ridiculous because if you focus on you main target at £120m then players you might’ve looked into could’ve moved on before you’re ready to make a bid. Hence why we have so many last minute “enquiries” for players.

  3. I’d love to sign Harry Kane, I thought we would bid for him at some point in his career but now Mourinho is at Spurs there’s no chance Kane is going he wouldn’t let him leave unless he fell out with him, and knowing Spurs it would take £200m to sign Kane so I can’t see it happening but what a player he would be for us, always consistent with 20+ goals.

  4. Why waste time talking about Messi coming to Utd, it will never happen. It’s unlikely he will leave Barcelona and he’s just throwing his toy out of his pram. If he was to leave Barca the only club that has pockets deep enough is City. Can you honestly say Utd would pay a transfer fee of 632 million and 100 million/year wages, 900+ million for a 3-year contract for a 33-year-old? Utd can’t stump up the cash for Sancho in one go so what makes you think Utd can afford Messi.


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