1. Italian media has linked Barcelona’s Antoine Griezmann with a move to Newcastle once a takeover is complete. Could this actually happen?!?

  2. Question for next video: if the takeover goes through at Newcastle, with talks of a return of rafael Benitez and links with allegri, who would be a better manager for Newcastle

  3. Barca is broke the plus bad Directive
    Old ass Players think they owned the club
    Manager can’t do anything in the club
    Beef between players Club Manager
    Barca is heading to become the next AC Milan

  4. Spain: Sergio Ramos
    England: Wayne Rooney
    Argentina: Maradona
    Brazil: Ronaldo Nazario
    France: Zidane
    Italy: Maldini
    Germany: G.Muller

  5. Sorry but football died years ago what’s the point in a team being able to buy any player on earth it’s cheating .


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