1. El fútbol femenil es aburrido, cómo el fútbol mexicano, eviten poner estos partidos por que si no no dejo está página

  2. 2:57 Kick-off in Dresden
    4:08 OWN GOAL: Daiane (Brazil 0-1 USA)
    50:03 First half ends
    52:00 Second half begins
    1:11:35 RED CARD: Rachel Buehler
    1:14:06 GOAL: Marta (Brazil 1-1 USA)
    1:40:30 Second half ends
    1:41:23 First extra time period begins
    1:42:50 GOAL: Marta (Brazil 2-1 USA)
    1:57:40 First extra time period ends
    1:58:20 Second extra time period begins
    2:14:30 GOAL: Abby Wambach (Brazil 2-2 USA)
    2:16:40 End of extra time
    2:19:20 Penalty shoot-out begins
    2:25:28 End of penalty shoot-out in Dresden

  3. This was a great match. To think this was 8 years ago. Marta the queen of women’s soccer/futebol. Hope Solo possibly best women’s goalie ever. Epic Battle.

  4. I’d like to get this match on CD, with the original announcers…..copyright issues? Also Japan v USA 2011 final


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