1. As this video goes out, Alvaro Morata is having his medical at Juventus!

    What do you make of the move? And does this only further prove that Atletico Madrid wasted their money on him?👇

    • @Chris JV08 so busy with age shit. Pjanic already in Barca, Matuidi and Higuain already out, Khedira not part of the project, Bonucci and Chiellini already have their backups with De Ligt and Demiral in the team + it’s Pirlo’s demand to get no.9 as Juve failing to get (even the older one). He played with Pirlo before, Pirlo must be know something more that us.

  2. As I Greek I gotta say that Karnezis is a really mediocre goalkeeper. He probably has a good agent being in Napoli . He was a joke back in Greece and with the national team :’)

  3. Mckennie is one of the worst transfers??? Wtf man Mckennie was one of the best players on Schalke and now is very important for Pirlo’s formation

  4. Mckennie is young and exciting, with good potential and a good work rate, and he will bring in lots of revenue for Juventus from the US. One of the better signings for the long term.


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