1. I’m pretty sure Zack will get more minutes in EFL Cup and FA Cup. Possibly, he might breakthrough into Premier League starting eleven.

  2. US makes so many good goalkeepers because we play so many Hand eye sports. Baseball, basketball, football(sorry) all require high levels of hand eye. If even half of our athletes played soccer(sorry again) growing up we would be a force globally!

    • OBJ played football growing up and said he choose NFL ball instead because he didn’t wanna move away, but now he regrets it because he learned that Elite footballers in Europe earn way more than NFL players. We could use some OBJ-level athletes playing this sport.

  3. USA let’s go baby, we got lots of talent, just hope we have enough talent to beat Mexico, they’ve exported lots of young talent sub 17 players to European clubs

  4. americans on the rise pulisic,chelsea konrad, barca dest,barca adams, leipzig mckennie, juve and sargent, werder bremen steffen, city and antonee robinson, fulham


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