1. Hey Shannon, quick note to say you do great work and are now my first stop ahead of THN, The Hockey Writers, and TSN when I want timely and intelligent hockey news and analysis. Thx! Also loving the live streams with Yvonne

  2. I’m looking forward to the team previews once all the deals are inked, it’s going to be very interesting to look at projected linemates and depth with so many moves.

  3. THG congrats on 166k sub’s. str8 up imo you should be at 500k if not 1m since you span the states and canada. plus you tell it like it is, and you have a pleasant disposition in your videos. you seem like that guy that i could meet now and we could talk hockey and you would make me feel like i knew you for 25 flippin’ years.not taking away from what you have now – i can appreciate and respect that it’s not easy to get sub’s. with continued hard work you can get to where you want to be. keep plugging away! hoping you are able to monetize your hard work in a manner that the $$$ works for you.

    and yah i like the bogosian deal that TML made. good labor cost, brings size, grit and a winning experience.

    cheers from southern ontario 🍁

  4. I found it crazy that sadd has more 5v5 points that landeskog yea you heard that right better so not a bad trade at all. It makes as even more dangerous


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