1. MY ARGUMENT FOR THE HART. I don’t really understand how you win the mvp of the league, when you’re not the mvp or best player on your own team. Like for example, Crosby has been the best player for the last, well basically since he entered the league. Yet, Malkin won the Hart in 2012, why?
    Well funny enough he had, 109 points, almost identical to draisiatl. The next player in the league (stamkos) had 97, exactly like McDavid.
    Here’s the big difference. Drat plays WITH the 2nd player in points, who happens to be the best player in the world. But Malkin had Crosby right? Except he didn’t. Sid only played 22 games that year. Malkin, who actually missed 7 games himself, STILL lead the league by 12 points. On his team, he had 1.45P/GP, second, had 1.01. Stamkos 1.18 Draisiatl had 1.55, and Connor had 1.52. And Mac 1.35.
    So Malkin really separated himself from both his teammates, AND the league AND his team was missing their best player for 60 games.

    • Lastly, we’re all way too focussed on offence. MVP shouldn’t cost you defensively. Draisaitl was an abysmal -24 in 14 games in December before Yamamoto came in, and finished near the bottom of his team (24th) with -7. Mack, 4th on his team +13. And well, blowing both away, Panarin was 2nd in THE LEAGUE +36…actually had MORE points than draisaitl, at even strength. Playing with Strome and Fast…so I don’t think you can really draisaitl is the MVP of his team, when he’s kind of atrocious defensively a lot of the time. Relies pretty heavily on both the power play and McDavid for points…should of been Mac or Panarin, in my opinion.

  2. So the most popular team’s players get trophies. Vezina Trophy winner is Connor Hellebuyck? Darcy Kuemper would probably skate circles around that guy. Great choice NHL. Maybe when the Coyotes get a full arena again, the NHL will start paying attention to them. Absolute crud of a choice


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