1. Knowing a bit about the guy, I think he’s of the mindset that he’s got more than enough $$ to support a family, raise his kids, and hunt, fish, and sled comfortably for the rest of his life and that’s all he really wants to do, live a quiet life.

  2. Buff is done. He wanted out, he got his out. There’s obviously a reason, which he is not ready to talk about. I hope he’s well and goes on to enjoy his life.

  3. Love Buff & sad to see him go… but yeah, if health or family calls you have to answer. Take that bank & be well brother. Thanks for everything.

  4. I heard a rumor Buff and Wheeler had a falling out end of last season. Might have even got physical. Buff wanted them to get rid of Wheeler, they tried (Mark Stone?) but didn’t, Chipman intervened. Buff said ok then im done. Just a rumor. Winnipeg is a small town. We will miss him.

  5. Byfuglien is still playing for the Jets in EASports NHL20 and we won the Stanley Cup in Game 7 against the Oilers with Gretzky’s original line up 😉

  6. I hope he sticks around Winnipeg. Is love to see him out on the Red chasing cats, or Lake Winnipeg catching greenbacks.

  7. He was an animal on the Black Hawks Championship Season.
    If he’s healthy he might be a good fit in Toronto, but his heart

    isn’t in it. He had a decent career as an NHL Player. Won a Cup!

  8. I like big buff… never knew who he was… only this byfuglien guy… you guys made it sound like BUFFLYNN
    Not bee fug lee en…. lol anyways

  9. I hope you land in Buffalo but I don’t think that will happen as a Sabres fan but I could see him Landing in Edmonton back with Chicago or Florida, Minnesota

  10. He could’ve should’ve just retired….and saved us -and the team- all the effin drama!….not done the right way…IMO

  11. Yes, Friedman looks sleep deprived, but look how much better this camera angle is for him. More flattering than the usual “profile” view when seated with other sports analysts.
    And, is “Bufflin” the correct pronunciation? Is the sports world pronouncing his name incorrectly, or is it spelt incorrectly. Something doesn’t add up. Should we consult Jonathan “Taves” (Toews)?

  12. Hope his ankle gets better. I am sure his ankle is not 100%. Ankles are tough. Walking may be okay but skating may be too much. Hope you never experience this. Had an ankle injury. I really understand. Prayers.


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