1. when I saw the New York Islanders won this game and slamming the board celebrating like crazy I thought we won the Stanley Cup For a second i must been dreaming lol

    • I always loved Doc but his announcing is lacking these playoffs, it really does makes huge difference when they are not there live to call the game

  2. NBC, can you not sync the game with Doc’s voice? I know he’s not in the bubble, but so weren’t the regional commentators in the first round and they had no issues with synching the game with the commentary. You guys are just being lazy at this point. Good thing next year, the national rights will be up for negotiation. Some new blood from Fox, ESPN might improve the TV coverage.

  3. I still think the lightning will win this series, but it’s hard to believe that a team that actively rosters Kevin shattenkirk won’t blow it eventually


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