1. How about the high stick on Kucherov in the third??? Cut his neck and should’ve been a 4:00 minute major that would’ve sealed the game. Conveniently no call in Dallas. I wonder why….

  2. Tampa has to be close to record ice time during the playoffs. How close are they to that record ? They have played an extraordinary amount of OT.

  3. This league is bullshit. The referees keep giving Dallas unwarranted power-plays to get them back in the game. This game should’ve been over, but AGAIN THEY MISSED MULTIPE HIGH STICKS AND ESPECIALLY THE HIGH STICK ON KUCHEROV THAT MADE HIM BLEED. A MAJOR PENALTY WITH SO LITTLE TIME LEFT IN THE GAME AND YOU HAVE THE LEAD FOR THE STANLEY CUP. DIS-FUCKING-GRACEFUL. How unlucky can one team be, and how lucky can Dallas continue to be?

  4. Just one question; You said earlier you can’t like a team like Anaheim because players like Perry. Now you call yourself a Dallas-fan with the exact same Perry?

  5. perry still overrated lol
    , both goals are ‘right place right time’ type of goals, same with the other one previously in the series


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