1. Back to backs can be really hard for the players. Just think about it, You get of the ice one night and go to sleep wake up and it’s all over again no days off to rest. Players have routines so it can be hard there too.

  2. Again, Call me awful for saying this, but when the canucks went to Reaves and said “do you want to not play for a couple days, in solidarity”, Vegas said “Yes please”, and we lost what momentum we had. Whatever.

  3. Vegas will advance to the Western Conference finals for the second time in their substantial time in the league, while Vancouver has only made it there three times in 50 years. Are we cursed?

  4. Luckily for Canucks fans, Vancouver is back on the road for game 5, and for 2 of the next 3, where they’ve enjoyed more success in these playoffs.

  5. If you are down 3 games to 1 and you have been stuck in a hotel for a month and a half, losing game 5 doesn’t seem like quite as bad an option as it would if you were playing before packed crowds at a home arena


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