• crunchy ,________ Man I’ll be honest. Last night is what the SCF are all about. What a hell of a game. I fully expected to see the handshake line this morning. That 20 minute PP in the 1st OT should’ve done us in. It’s a series now. Let’s see what happens. Go Stars and good luck to you, Sir.

  1. Perry or Radulov seem open to losing the cup. Dallas’ penalties are astounding. They should have been out first round with such reckless abandon. Fitting Tampa plows them.

  2. Love how you totally ignore that hook to point and don’t even mention how ridiculous that embellishment penalty was.. come on Shannon you’re better than that

  3. I rather enjoyed the early part of the 1at period w/o the fake crowd noise. Clearly hearing the players calling out to team mates was a peasant change.

  4. would it not be ironic if this went to game 7 in OT (for the first time in our lifetimes in a Finals series) and Maroon scores the goal again like last year?


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