1. Not sure where this notion of the Vegas series not being close is coming from. Three losses were by one goal. With defensive prospects coming in to replace the pylons, that could only improve. No need to get rid of bright spots in the series like Crow and Saad. At least upgrade in net with any of the insane talent in FA this year. Sure, they probably should’ve beat Vegas with how easily they bowed out to Dallas, but I don’t see this as a reliable metric of them not being close.

  2. Intellectually, I understand the problems with an aging core. Otoh, as a senior citizen, I see guys in their 30’s as being in their prime and not as ‘old’. :/

  3. As a diehard hawks fan, it’s clear that Bowman is the problem. Has been for a long time even when they were winning/contending for cups. The rfa disaster in 2009 is what caused that team to have to break up after 2010. That specific team could’ve stayed together and maybe won back to back in 2011 or again in 2012. Don’t even get me started on his awful mind-boggling trades (jokiharju for nylander, shipping danault away while he was still developing), and off course possibly the worst trade in the franchise’s history getting rid of panarin. Yes the core guys besides kane are over the hill, but Bowman has done nothing in the last 5 years besides lucking out and drafting kirby dach to help the cause.

  4. As a Wings fan, all I can think of is “sucks don’t it?” They’re facing the same issues we did for years as a successful team. Can’t go forever.

  5. What is Seabrook complaining about? Lol. Guy’s contract is a boat anchor. It’s partially his fault they can’t really contend.

  6. I wouldn’t be happy if I were them too, but not just because of these recent moves. They struck gold with both Teravainen and Panarin and traded both way undervalue. It wasn’t like they couldn’t keep them at the time either, Turbo ended up with a 2.8M bridge deal and now an extremely affordable long-term contract at 5.4M. Panarin had 2 years at 6M which is what Saad was making in the contract coming back the other way, not even mentioning Panarin’s chemistry with Kane and perhaps a willingness to stay after that deal. Even so, they could’ve traded him a year later for anything they wanted – not Saad who has been mediocre at best the last few years.

  7. I thought you were a man of Analytics! I always cringe when someone (usually uninformed fans) claim that Toews’ best years are behind him….. He had his best year in 2018-2019 season. This season, he had more points then 16′ ,17′ and 18′ seasons in 12 fewer games! I would argue, if COVID didn’t happen he could have made more points than his cup-winning season in 15′.

    While I don’t think he is going to get better. I don’t think he will deteriorate at the rate that many fans think.

    Also, Ian Mitchel is projected as a top 4. He will be taking Boq spot I believe…

    Anyways, love the videos! Keep up the content.

  8. i’m a hawks fan and i agree. They thought they could just retool on the fly and get back to contending. But Seabrook’s contract strapped them to the ground.
    It’s going to be painful and weird. But they gotta rebuild. I don’t think it’s time to get rid of Toews yet, he’s still good. But Keith, for instance, i could see going.

    They NEED to find an out for that Seabrook contract.


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