1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that! I got off work half way through the game and couldn’t make it past the first OT. So deadly boring. I’m not a fan of either team, so that makes a difference, but I’m not a Vegas or Dallas fan either, and they’ve kept me interested during similarly low-scoring games.

  2. Again, this would have been the PERFECT year to change the OT rules to 10 min 5v5 / 10 min 4v4 / 3v3 until done. A terrible OT would have instead been really entertaining the longer it went – instead of being a snore-fest.

  3. I feel like linesmen just don’t wanna call offsides anymore. I don’t know if they’re asked by the league to let it go if there’s doubt because replay can clean it up, but it really feels like they’ll only call it if it’s super obvious.

  4. I mean…i get your point that Dallas won…but I’m pretty sure the Islanders were going home if they didn’t find a way to win. I am pretty sure they just extended the series to a game 6. And in order for a game 7 to happen you have to have a game 6 where one team is down 3-2. So while I understand the “Dallas won tonight comment” it is really condescending and basically supposes that the lighting are the inevitable winners of the series which they are not (they probably will win the series…but its not given).

  5. i’m seeing a trend that is disappointing in your last couple reviews of games…they start and end up on a negative note-not every playoff game is going to end up on “espn classics” things are tough enough these days people dont need lessons on grammer etc most people get the jest of what the announcers are saying-sometimes it makes us laugh a little and gets our minds off of things…if you dont think the games are “good enough” to warrent a video just put the camera on a blank board with the kits licking themselves in the background…maybe you are having a bad day or or simply burnt out but whining/negativity to start a video is i’m sure not what me and most fans tune in to hear…maybe time for you to take a day off watch something else and relax a bit…

  6. when you say the real winner is the stars. are you more refering to them getting a few extra days rest, before playing still highly likely tampa. or are you more refering to them hoping the iles find a way to come back so they wont play them?

  7. Why does it seem the Islanders will have pucks in the corners with a great passing/redirect/scoring chance but no one is in front of the net or screening the goalie to enable this opportunity? If they were a team of sniper shooters I’d understand, can’t really say they are. The lightening swarm every puck, seemed Islanders we’re slow to many. Frustrating win, hair on their chinny chin chin. 100% will have to step it up if going to make an actual push here.

  8. The Islanders won a game they had no business winning, now they have hope which makes them dangerous. This is how underdogs win series, when they steal a game or two.

  9. I literally fell to the ground when they finally scored. Would have been an absolute heart-breaker if we would have ended up losing after a game like that. They can play this agonizing way all they want as long as they win Thursday and Saturday. Go Isles!

  10. I absolutely love overtime hockey,UNTIL this playoff began I had to witness(meant SUFFER) through 1st RD of COLUMBUS/LIGHTNING horrifyingly BORING 5 OT S N O O Z EF E S T -Thank you 1st Star Torts Disgusting D#D#+more D ZZZZzzzzzz

  11. All of the pressure is back on Tampa. They’re going to be without Point or with a really banged up Point and they’re going to do anything they can to avoid a game 7 which could backfire from trying too hard. Islanders need to score 3 goals if they want a shot tomorrow. This one or just getting two goals bullshit that they’ve done in basically every game isn’t going to cut it. In games 6 and 7 it’s going to have to be 3+ goal efforts.

  12. I’m deployed to the Middle East with the US Army. I got up at 3 am and watched the 1st, went for a 6 mile ruck around base before the sun came up, and got back in time to watch both overtimes. So for me, it was almost a regular 3 period game. Lol

  13. Shattenkirk fucked it up with the fan, otherwise Tampa would’ve won. point is def not the smithe winner.
    They’ve won games without him before. Also you sound like all your cats shat in your cereal or something. Cheer up. Game wasn’t that boring lmao.


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