• Yuriy Katasonov not my team either, just trying to soak up as much hockey as possible. But if you’re only gonna watch the last 20 or so mins don’t comment saying the refs are “giving it” to a team. When they’ve already played a full 60 with plenty more going on.

  1. ❤️Captain 🇺🇸 Should be still be wearing the C for the 🦈 not Doug Wilson wasting $$$ on EK65 🤬🤬🤬🤬 #SackWilson

  2. Love the story line of Pavelski and Perry, two old rivals from California and world champs, making their stand together in Dallas during these playoffs. Look at the Perry interview and how Pavelski was waiting for his team mate and buddy of a long journey.

  3. Currently laughing at the people who thought the players wouldn’t be able to get up with no fans in the stands. One look at that celly shows how intense these guys are, fans or no fans

  4. Great player – great leader! However, his two goals in the round robin should not count towards his total. I know they will, but they shouldn’t. Those were essentially pre season training camp games. He’s got 1 potentially 2 more games to actually make it legit.

  5. What I don’t get is why they were saying the Stanley Cup was going to be a best of 5 series. But now that Dallas is losing, it’s all of a sudden a best of 7 again 🤔🙄


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