1. Devs are doing good in the off season, just hope they get another defenseman. I’m more worried about the D, after trading Vats and Greene, both logged a ton of minutes and now there are some holes. Lots of youth if we go that route, but I don’t want my boys giving up 40+ shots per game or taking dumb penalties. I miss Blake Coleman the most as far as traded players go.

  2. Personally I am not a fan of this trade.

    Saad is a top six, two way forward. Zadorov is basically a slightly better Olli Maatta. Not a great skater. Probably best used in a sheltered role on the third pair.

    This move just confuses me when you look at the defensive lineup…After Maatta I thought the Hawks defense would look something like this:

    De Haan-Boqvist

    Now that you have Zadorov, do you play him with Murphy and have two big defenseman that can hit on the same pair? Do you keep De Haan and Murphy together (ideally yes imo) and put Zadorov with Boqvist? What happens with Kalynuk? This moves is just puzzling. I feel like the Hawks are punting on the season. It wouldn’t surprise me if they traded off guys like Strome, De Haan, Murphy and Carpenter this offseason or at the deadline.

    I’ll finish off with this….The Hawks top six is significantly weaker now and the defense is probably the same as when you had Maatta…

    To quote Barstool Chief…”If the Blackhawks feel like now is the right time to tear it all down and start over that’s something people can get behind if the organization is honest about it

    Do the Rangers memo
    Fire Stan
    Tell the truth

    Stan has ZERO equity with fans. Can’t trust a rebuild if he’s in charge”

  3. Thanks for your videos as always. Hawks made out well here imo. Zadorov is a monster hitter and a big body. If they can re-sign him to a reasonable deal, that’s a big win for them.

  4. I love this trade for the Avs. Zadorov is a 3rd pairing defenseman on a Colorado team with lots of young talent on the blue line. Signing Ryan Graves should be Sakic’s next priority.

  5. I don’t like what the Avalanche have done at all so far. They give away the largest guy and presence in front of the net, and don’t even bother to find a replacement. Joe, “Mr. I love small players”, Sakic really thinks Makar/Byram/Girard/Graves/Johnson/Cole/Gilbert/Timmins is going to be the 8-man D core that beats a Dallas or Vegas in series??? Geezus. I almost see another 48 pt season coming for the Avs if they’re relying on two over-the-hill defenders and a bunch of noobies who don’t want to hit or block shots or fight. Gilbert at least helps replace Ian Cole next year. Colorado has gone soft on the blue line.


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