1. More teams qualifying for postseason play diminishes the perceived value of regular season competition to fans. Consequently, it depresses regular season live gate attendance – there being no scarcity of home dates, there’s typically no compelling reason to go to any specific game save to see individual star players.

    MLB’s pursuit of television dollars via postseason expansion hurts them in terms of live gate attendance – when you can go to a ball game on any one of 81 given nights from April to September, there’s not an urgency behind buying a ticket to go see the A’s and Rangers. The NBA and NHL are even worse in that having half their teams qualify for postseason play makes regular season competition virtually meaningless save for maybe the 8-9 “bubble” teams each year; there’s not great concern among casual fans whether the Rockets finish in the #4 seed or #5, so long as they make the playoffs… when the playoffs start? They get interested.

    The NFL has always understood this scarcity, but even they are starting to stray from that in pursuit of television dollars, at the expense of gate attendance. Their playoff expansion for 2020, coupled with the upcoming increase to a 17 game regular season, will help them generate a mountain of network television revenue at the expiration of their current rights deals in 2022. But it’ll cost them in terms of attendance when measured versus stadium capacity. They’ll sell out less, and there’ll be less urgency for NFL fans in certain markets to attend games (e.g., Cincinnati, Los Angeles) in person when there’s one more date per year to pick from.

  2. The NFL really is over doing it having 10k+ fans. And I don’t mind the crowd noise it reminds me of playing NHL video games. And I agree even 1,000 people would make a huge difference. You could have players and organizations family members come in plus an extra 1,000-5,000 fans. But based off what I saw for the Dallas watch parties, they did not look even remotely close to 6 feet apart.
    An easy solution in my eyes is this, pretend these are rows/aisles:
    So basically you have 5 people max in the dead middle of one row and then 5 people max on each end of the following row. And then for the section over, you would just do the exact same thing but alternate the rows that have 2 groups of 5 on the ends, so you you don’t have 2 different groups “sitting next to each other” next to stairs, throughout the whole stadium.
    Do this for top and bottom bowl, I guarantee arenas will be able to sell out like 4,000-8,000 seats that way and they would every single game too because an increase in demand. It’ll be a loss compared to a full arena for some teams but it’s better than no revenue and will go a long way over the course of a season as well as they can jack the prices up too, every team, every stadium to make up for lost revenue. And it’s help make a team like the panthers or Ottawa look like their attendance isn’t so bad after all cus every arena will be half empty.
    Edit: doing it this way you’d also probably have to limit these clusters of 5 seats to being sold off as groups of 3-5 and they’d only be people who are in each other’s personal/social bubble/household. You can’t have some married couple sit next to a group of 3 friends and the two parties don’t know each other. That’ll create an issue for possible spreading. But I also have no clue how the leagues or teams would even enforce masks being worn cus in the clips of the Dallas watch party I also saw half the people with no mask or it just wasn’t even on. Like this shits not hard people. Regardless of if you’re a science denier or not, wearing a mask literally doesn’t affect the airflow/oxygen levels to your lungs and you’d only have to wear it for 3 hours cus that’s how long games are. People have to wear this shit CORRECTLY for 8 hours a day 5 days a week, and they do it with no complaints. But you’re always gonna have those people who just don’t care at all. So good luck to any hockey game ushers or food vendors or security

  3. I don’t understand why they cant have full attendance. I’m an adult if I don’t feel comfortable going out I won’t. I don’t need a nanny state to keep me and mine safe.

  4. Perfect time to reshape the starting of the NHL season to Nov/Dec. Maybe not this year but in the future. Playoff hockey in mid summer is not a bad idea. Just end it before the NFL gets started and stop trying to compete with the NBA playoffs in the TV market. NHL really needs to assess their future.

  5. I remember when everyone was saying “THERE GOING TO FUCKING DIE CANCEL THE SEASON” and it made me so mad because I knew they could do it safely and look no ones talking about how this cup “doesn’t count” anymore


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