1. The Flyers star players aren’t cashing in man! The recent Stanley cup champions from the east (Caps, Pens, Pens) Have all had depth scoring to compliment their top goal scorers Crosby, Malkin, Kessel, Guentzel, Kuznetsov, Ovechkin, Oshie… the Flyers stars aren’t getting it done! I don’t care how well Hart is playing… you can’t beat anyone without offense from your top lines!

  2. It seems like the. Islanders are clearly the better team in spite of the critics opinion throughout the season and the playoffs. This was probably the most mistakes the. Islanders have made in a game this series and the best complete 60 minute game the. Flyers have played in the series and still the. Islanders won. Most of other than the first 2 goals of the overtime game in which. Varlamov let in 2 soft goals early have been greasy goals reflections screens etc. The. Flyers depend on puck luck and are clearly out classed out coached and out played and not the better team this series

  3. Islanders by far the better team thus far, would love the Flyers to extend the series another game but can’t realistically see a path to a series victory.


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