1. Being a Blues fan, I’m for the Knights. But, Vancouver has a ton of talent and showed a hell of alot of poise not only beating my team, but against such a deep, high energy team like Vegas! No shame Canucks you’ll get there!

  2. Just a small bump in the road. There is still a lot of hockey left. Canucks are not down and out yet. Even tho the announcers, and the refs are trying hard to discourage the Canucks we are here and we still have a fight. GO CANUCKS🍻🍻🍻🍻

  3. Stars fan here.. I would love to see the Golden knights.. I wonder if we play them next, Dallas going to knock off Colorado tonight.

  4. Wow…come on Canuck fans…y’all are already calling it quits. Just cause you say “I hate to say but we can’t beat the Golden Knights” you said it…you truly have no faith in your team. I bet others with there team down in the playoffs don’t say those words. They stay positive til the end. You call yourselves fans. SMH


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